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Le MaMA festival 2012

25-26 October


Founded in 2009, the MaMA festival's raison d'être is to foster connections between music professionals. The audience is almost incidental to the gathering of producers, independent and major labels, editors, venue managers and professional associations – and at the heart of it all, of course, are the acts. Established or emerging, they all play, but also take part in debates, workshops, lunches and other random bits of networking all taking place in venues across the 18th arrondissement, which in recent years has become the place for Parisian musical culture. Expect some traditional paying gigs, but also free showcases – Time Out's recommended artists include Carmen Maria Vega, Absinthe Minded, FM Laeti, Pony Pony Run Run and Blake Worrell. For the full line-up and tickets, click here.