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Pershing Hall Bar

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Sip cocktails against a trendy, decadent backdrop at this Champs-Élysées hotel bar.

With a name like Pershing Hall, we were half-expecting this Champs-Élysées hotel bar to resemble something out of Downton Abbey: imposing, fusty, out-dated… But we could not have been more wrong. Wander through the hotel’s enchanting restaurant (you can’t miss the stunning, foliage-covered wall) to access ‘le lounge bar’ – a study in modern day luxe complete with a high ceiling, funky, textured walls and low-hanging chandeliers, all bathed in an electrifying red light.

The cocktail menu is just as intriguing, featuring playful names like ‘PassionBerry’, ‘PinkPool’ and ‘SexyStar’. The ‘SpicyMango’ (€19) creation is pleasant, if a little on the safe side – a warming concoction of Russian Standard vodka, mango, lime, spicy syrup and Espelette chilli pepper. If only it had more of a kick to match the drama of the bar’s grand backdrop. The ‘SparklingLalique’ (€34) was very drinkable too, a refreshing, delicate blend of Hendrick’s gin, thyme, sugar, lime and Krug champagne: truly lovely but, again, not quite a game-changer.

Expect a well-heeled, international clientele, and a DJ on the weekends if you’re in the mood to bop along as you sip on your ‘SexyStar’. Cocktail prices range from €19 to €34 though so don’t get too carried away, or you may wake up in the red the morning after. 

Écrit par
Leonie Cater


Pershing Hall
Pershing Hall
49 Rue Pierre Charron
Heures d'ouverture
Mon 6pm-1am, Tues-Sat 6pm-2am, Sun 6pm-1am.
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