La nuit aux invalides

Que faire, Récitals

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Attention les amis ! Nous nous efforçons d'être précis, mais la situation particulière nous oblige à quelques ajustements. Alors vérifiez que les événements sont bien confirmés avant de vous y rendre.

See Invalides ablaze with Paris's history...

From July 6 to September 2, 2017, the facades of the interior of Invalides light up to tell the story of Paris's vivid and colourful history. The fifth edition of this summer time festivity promises to be no less spectacular. Using the latest in modern technology, the show produced by Amaclio Productions and created by Bruno Seillier, is sure to deliver an incomparable multi-sensory experience. 

Utilising the full extent of Invalides's majesty, the 180-degree projection covers over 250 metres of the building's facade - for an even more immersive event.  

Invalides aux Nuit holds events in English on Monday and Thursday nights, meaning English-speakers can fully appreciate the story told behind the pictures. 

We advise that if you don't by a seated ticket, you should bring something to protect your derrière...those historic cobbles can get a bit uncomfortable!

Check out a video of last year's event for a flavour of what you're in for.

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